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THE VOICE OF REASON… he may sound like the sort of working class person – elitists, and the educated as well – would just take no notice of – but he talks more sense than all of them put together… JJ.

THE VOICE OF REASON…he may sound like the sort of working class person – that the elitists, and to be frank the educated as well – would just take no notice of – but he talks more sense than all of them put together… JJ. his name is MIKE LANE. According to the YouTube counter – this has only had 1040 views – *Please share this…

DEMOCRACY – FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – THE TRUTH … I am concerned as many must be – that ‘deep fakes’ are…

DEMOCRACY – FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – THE TRUTH. I am concerned as many must be – that ‘deep fakes’ are almost the final nail in the coffin looming on the horizon for democracy and for those who want to make informed choices – by informed I don’t mean the sort of academic arguments that disappear up people’s backsides – I mean just hearing the truth – I think that’s what I mean by informed – not by clever arguments that apparently one allegedly needs to have a degree to understand – or such nonsense as that. But as I said – my great concern is with ‘deep fakes’ – where well-known people can be seen as it were – through restructuring by computer technology – to be seen to say anything – and it looks like they’re really saying it. This technology can take any personality – and get them to appear to say something totally untrue to what they believe – and it would appear as if they have said it – and people will be fooled. This is possibly the ultimate method for manipulation of the truth. Even more worrying than the existing fakes that we have in Parliament right now. MIND YOU – THAT IS WORRYING ENOUGH! Perhaps instead of the title – with which some are bestowed in Parliament – ‘The right honourable so & so – it might best for some to be retitled when they are announced in Parliament as ‘The right fake honourable…’ – or an even a more full description of ‘The right fake honourable and lying so & so’ (whatever the name is). JJ. PS. Of course some politicians – are naturally ‘deep fakes’. THEY DON’T NEED COMPUTER MANIPULATION – they are actually doing it for themselves – where they appear to be saying the exact opposite to what they believe. Such as – ‘Whatever the outcome of the vote (referring to the vote for Leave in 2016) – we will honour it.’ But what some of them were really thinking was – ‘Whatever the outcome of the vote – we will definitely not honour it – if it’s a vote for Leave’ – NO DEEP FAKE TECHNOLOGY NEEDED – not for any of those very many prominent people in politics. So even before this technology became available – which is now easily usable by almost any computer savvy person – these people – were already doing it – in regards to their own statements. They could be seen as ‘The Original Deep Fakes’ – very large numbers of whom are Members of Parliament right now. They are also of course – a very serious threat to democracy.


BREXITEERS of the UK: Jeremy Hunt seems like a Remainer to me – Boris seems the only person that’s going to make it work now – or else it will be The Brexit Party, if that doesn’t work. Remainers seem to think they have the right to rubbish Brexiteers – claiming they didn’t know what they voted for. TO ME IT IS EXACTLY THE REVERSE. Why would you want to vote away the possibility to choose and direct our own country – to rely on our own integrity about how things are shaped? Why would you hand over to an organisation that deceived us from the very start – pretending to be about economic cooperation only – even the word cooperation there – could be questioned in a major way – cooperation in that context might be another word for – disadvantaging this country in favour of the rest of Europe.
It makes me think – that Remainers have a kind of separation anxiety from the mother continent – not realising – that they were kidnapped in the first place! This of course tinged with a little Stockholm syndrome – where the EU is ultimately seen as a rather intimidating force – which makes threats if you attempt to leave. JJ.

BREXIT – THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UK – we are on our way – but so much more to do!

BREXIT AND MUCH MORE: The battle is a long way from over yet – and as Nigel Farage has indicated – it is not now just about Brexit – but is about political reform in the UK. Making changes regarding – Electoral Reform – The House of Lords – in order to bring about proper democracy in our country. Theresa May, to me – was just so far from the street – the reality of the street. Not surprising of course knowing her background – apparently her ambition from a child was to be Prime Minister – but is not just about the role. She is also a person – apparently at least – about compromise – but it could be argued – that without a clear direction – one’s ship will just go around in circles. And sometimes one is compromising with the most unreasonable – and who seem to be the most threatening. The EU being one of those of course – and who have surreptitiously – for many decades – been systematically undermining our sovereignty. It wasn’t just about compromise in the present – IT WAS ABOUT ADDRESSING EVERYTHING THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE WITHOUT CONSULTATION IN THE PAST. The miracle that seems to be partially appearing – is that we have managed to start addressing it – before it is too late. SOME GREAT PROVIDENCE THERE. We cannot rest now – we’re on the way – BUT IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE TO RESTORE THE SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR NATION. JJ.

The Brexit Party is listed under the letter ‘T’ – on the voting papers – you may have to unfold the ballot paper to see The Brexit Party ‘arrow’ logo – and box where you place your cross.

THE BREXIT PARTY – guidance on the voting papers

We have had a number of enquiries about voting in the European elections, to be held tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May, so we have prepared the following guidelines:

The European Parliamentary elections are different from our usual national and local elections. Most importantly, on your ballot paper you need to vote for The Brexit Party, not for any individual candidate.

British Members of the European Parliament are elected as a list of candidates that represent the region you live in, rather than local constituencies. You are voting for The Brexit Party list of candidates.
• The European elections are tomorrow, Thursday 23rd May. Polling stations open at 7.00 am and close at 10.00 pm.
• If you have not received your cards, you can still vote. Simply go to the polling station, provide your name and address to the staff seated inside, and they will give you a ballot paper. You may wish to bring some form of identification just in case.
• Our title is The Brexit Party, so we are listed under the letter T.
• This means The Brexit Party could be well down the ballot paper. You may have to unfold the ballot paper to see The Brexit Party ‘arrow’ logo and box where you place your cross.
• While you will see a list of our candidates in The Brexit Party section of the ballot paper, you are voting for the party only. You therefore place only one cross in The Brexit Party box.

It is so important that we make sure all our supporters vote so please spread the word and make sure all your family and friends get out and vote for The Brexit Party!

Thank you for your help.

Together we can change politics for good.

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