BREXIT – THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UK – we are on our way – but so much more to do!

BREXIT AND MUCH MORE: The battle is a long way from over yet – and as Nigel Farage has indicated – it is not now just about Brexit – but is about political reform in the UK. Making changes regarding – Electoral Reform – The House of Lords – in order to bring about proper democracy in our country. Theresa May, to me – was just so far from the street – the reality of the street. Not surprising of course knowing her background – apparently her ambition from a child was to be Prime Minister – but is not just about the role. She is also a person – apparently at least – about compromise – but it could be argued – that without a clear direction – one’s ship will just go around in circles. And sometimes one is compromising with the most unreasonable – and who seem to be the most threatening. The EU being one of those of course – and who have surreptitiously – for many decades – been systematically undermining our sovereignty. It wasn’t just about compromise in the present – IT WAS ABOUT ADDRESSING EVERYTHING THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE WITHOUT CONSULTATION IN THE PAST. The miracle that seems to be partially appearing – is that we have managed to start addressing it – before it is too late. SOME GREAT PROVIDENCE THERE. We cannot rest now – we’re on the way – BUT IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE TO RESTORE THE SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR NATION. JJ.

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