BREXITEERS of the UK: Jeremy Hunt seems like a Remainer to me – Boris seems the only person that’s going to make it work now – or else it will be The Brexit Party, if that doesn’t work. Remainers seem to think they have the right to rubbish Brexiteers – claiming they didn’t know what they voted for. TO ME IT IS EXACTLY THE REVERSE. Why would you want to vote away the possibility to choose and direct our own country – to rely on our own integrity about how things are shaped? Why would you hand over to an organisation that deceived us from the very start – pretending to be about economic cooperation only – even the word cooperation there – could be questioned in a major way – cooperation in that context might be another word for – disadvantaging this country in favour of the rest of Europe.
It makes me think – that Remainers have a kind of separation anxiety from the mother continent – not realising – that they were kidnapped in the first place! This of course tinged with a little Stockholm syndrome – where the EU is ultimately seen as a rather intimidating force – which makes threats if you attempt to leave. JJ.

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