DEMOCRACY – FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – THE TRUTH … I am concerned as many must be – that ‘deep fakes’ are…

DEMOCRACY – FREEDOM OF INFORMATION – THE TRUTH. I am concerned as many must be – that ‘deep fakes’ are almost the final nail in the coffin looming on the horizon for democracy and for those who want to make informed choices – by informed I don’t mean the sort of academic arguments that disappear up people’s backsides – I mean just hearing the truth – I think that’s what I mean by informed – not by clever arguments that apparently one allegedly needs to have a degree to understand – or such nonsense as that. But as I said – my great concern is with ‘deep fakes’ – where well-known people can be seen as it were – through restructuring by computer technology – to be seen to say anything – and it looks like they’re really saying it. This technology can take any personality – and get them to appear to say something totally untrue to what they believe – and it would appear as if they have said it – and people will be fooled. This is possibly the ultimate method for manipulation of the truth. Even more worrying than the existing fakes that we have in Parliament right now. MIND YOU – THAT IS WORRYING ENOUGH! Perhaps instead of the title – with which some are bestowed in Parliament – ‘The right honourable so & so – it might best for some to be retitled when they are announced in Parliament as ‘The right fake honourable…’ – or an even a more full description of ‘The right fake honourable and lying so & so’ (whatever the name is). JJ. PS. Of course some politicians – are naturally ‘deep fakes’. THEY DON’T NEED COMPUTER MANIPULATION – they are actually doing it for themselves – where they appear to be saying the exact opposite to what they believe. Such as – ‘Whatever the outcome of the vote (referring to the vote for Leave in 2016) – we will honour it.’ But what some of them were really thinking was – ‘Whatever the outcome of the vote – we will definitely not honour it – if it’s a vote for Leave’ – NO DEEP FAKE TECHNOLOGY NEEDED – not for any of those very many prominent people in politics. So even before this technology became available – which is now easily usable by almost any computer savvy person – these people – were already doing it – in regards to their own statements. They could be seen as ‘The Original Deep Fakes’ – very large numbers of whom are Members of Parliament right now. They are also of course – a very serious threat to democracy.

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